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Carry a mini straight comb with you on business trips S110

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  • 1: high appearance level, business, travel with

    2:3 block temperature design, suitable for different hair quality

    3: mini size design, it can fit into your bag, business, travel can be used

    4: high-density ceramic coating under the control of durable PTC, when heated, a large number of small molecules of mineral ions will directly penetrate into the hair, promote the formation of amino acids and proteins, and make the hair tough and shiny.

    5: the outer anti-hot comb tooth design, to avoid skin contact high temperature modeling area, the occurrence of accidental scald.

    6: four security guarantees

    01. Forget to shut down, no operating system automatically shut down 1 hour after starting up

    02. Prevent temperature control, built-in temperature protector, stop heating when abnormal occurs

    03. Flame retardant shell, PET+ glass fiber shell, eliminate fire hazard

    04.3C safety certification, CCC safety products