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Travel Iron Electric Hair Private Label Flat Iron Hair Straightener S203

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  • 1. Ceramic splint has constant temperature technology & rapid heating technology, PTC heating plate, effective heating, shorten the time of hair in high temperature area, reduce hair damage.

    2. Ceramic splint built-in 5 block temperature design, suitable for different hair quality

    3. The ceramic glaze coating panel is fine, smooth, smooth, and stable, which can keep your hair friendly and prevent local overheating and damage!

    4. 360 ° rotating tail design, can be different Angle rotation operation, however, are not bound together.

    5. Safe shape ceramic splint, protect your safety

    01. Forget to shut down, no operation for half an hour after starting up, and the system will shut down automatically

    02. Prevent temperature control, built-in temperature protector, stop heating when abnormal occurs

    03. Flame retardant shell, PET+ glass fiber shell, eliminate fire hazard