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Versatile automatic curling iron S302

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  • 1. Multi-function automatic curling iron features: the hair is fixed on the clip, the bar body automatically rotates, and the button is released to complete the modeling, which is easy to operate, time-saving and safe.Can do curly hair can also do straight hair, straight hair can be curly, cost-effective.

    2.14 block temperature adjustment to meet the needs of different hair qualities

    3. According to the color you need, we can produce products of different colors to make your products distinctive

    4. Shape safety, protect your use safety

    01. Forget to shut down, no operation for 1 hour after starting up, and the system will shut down automatically

    02. Prevent temperature control, built-in temperature protector, stop heating when abnormal occurs

    03. Flame retardant shell, PC shell to eliminate fire hazards

    04.3C safety certification, CCC safety products